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Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Wed. Sep 15th, 2010 - by Brian Godinez

Last month, I wrote about the first step to creating and launching a marketing program for any small business is to determine what it is YOU WANT to have happen over the course of six months to a year, or longer. By outcomes, I referred to measurable achievements that relate to growth, such as percentage or number of sales or customers, increase in margins or market share, or more locations and territories. In order to achieve these outcomes or WANTS, you need a steady base of prospects and customers to market and convert to sales, all the time.

Today, I am not proposing on how to best attract customers. I’ll introduce cost-effective strategies and tactics, sometimes referred to as marketing moves, later in the series. The focus for today’s article is to identify the ideal customer target that you will need to accomplish what it is YOU WANT to successfully grow your business.

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